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Group to Meet this Week!

The Third Wednesday of March has crept up on us. Meet in the Indian Lake Central School Library at 6:30 PM, March 19. 

Last night  all agreed to review minutes promptly instead of waiting an entire month, so they could be promptly shared.  Here’s what happened at the December meeting and Minutes ILCDC Meeting 1-28-14. Read the rest of this entry »

Future meetings of the Indian Lake Community Planning Committee and Board will be on the third Wednesday of each month beginning in February at 6:30 PM.  The schedule follows:

February 19  (Town Hall)
March 19
April 16
May 21
June 18
July 16
August 20
September 17
October 15
December 17

The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 28, at 6:30 at the school library. Hope to see you there.

Good meeting this week!

Minutes to the October meeting were reviewed and passed as written, read October IL CDC minutes

Six members of Hamlets 3 group identified at the November meeting and Christine Pouch volunteered to chair. Will step up communication with Town Board on this project, explore partnerships with other communities identified in the study and will look toward the Local Government Day next Spring for activities to take shape.

The Indian Lake Antique Show Committee needs volunteers!  If this event is to happen, people need to be identified to make it work. PLEASE consider donating your time; contact Aaron Gadway at the Chamber.

Re-affirmed focus on marketing assets of Indian Lake and what makes Indian Lake special!

Need to continue efforts for broadband access, since it is hard to market tele-working until it’s a reality everywhere in town.

To communicate within our community it was observed that we need one formalized system that we all follow!  A calendar that is truly town wide should be developed and housed at the Chamber.  George and Sally offered to work on this

Notes on Economic Development

Economic Development Strategies from 2011
  • Workforce Education: In Progress – to be facilitated by OneWorkSource Career Center with help of Hamilton County Workforce Investment Board.
  • Marketing to attract new businesses: In progress and needs revision – Branding Group working on this but think we need a component to also attract residents to move here.
  • Business Education: In Progress / needs revision: ILCC and Library can revitalize this offering. Bring in AEDC for Business development and growth.
  • Improved infrastructure – cell, broadband, DSL: Cell tower completed; Others in progress- what’s the status of the Hamilton County broadband grant for $17,000?
  • Strengthen home based business: In progress. ADK teleworks making some headway; need to cultivate the home based businesses to realize they are also teleworkers. Idea: look into what programs ANCA may have in place for helping ADK artisans, etc.
  • Distance Learning: In Progress- ILCS has DL room and we think they could use another; there is funding for this through USDA Rural Communities Distance Learning grants.
Respectfully submitted by Ann Carroll, Bill Murphy and Christine Pouch – The ABC team

The following are the group notes from our work at the last meeting.  I realize you might find them a bit cryptic, but this is a beginning.  Please plan on joining us on November 20, 6:30 PM at the school library.

Hamlets  (III)

  • Get educated about the proposed plan
  • Includes Indian Lake and Blue Mountain
  • Points of plan that we believe that should be moved forward to be brought to the town board
  • Someone to report to committee


  • Create a communications network that is user-friendly
  • Target groups
  • How do different age groups communicate?
  • Youth: Twitter, Facebook, texting
  • Middle Aged: Facebook, website, texting, press releases (newspaper?)
  • Seniors: Website, e-mail, telephone, newsletter, press releases (newspaper?)
  • Existing: Church bulletins; news letter, school sign, community calendars (Chamber, Town), newspapers, Library,
  • Chamber website
  • Internet tool: Hootsuite 

Main Street

Participants-B. Valentine, J. Valentine,N. Rose, B. Quinlivan,B. Cannan

  • We completed the Main Street Chart:
  • Signage- Being coordinated by the Marketing Committee
  • Public Bathrooms- Still needed
  • Communication..Being coordinated by newly formed sub-committee
  • Branding—Being coordinated by the Marketing Group
  • Façade Improvements—In progress  through the NY Main Street Program
  • Renovations  to Interiors
  • Address vacant buildings  In progress…creating inventory

Food findings

During the meeting of the Indian Lake Community Development Committee on Oct. 22, we discussed the issue of food availability. The participants were Al Pouch, Jim Kries, Lenny Carbonara, Bob Armstrong, and Sally Stanton. We determined that all that could be done to entice a commercial grocer to the area had been done. The likelihood of this happening is virtually nil. In addition, the expansion of the Adirondack One Stop is expected to fill the void to a great extent. Nicole Delcore’s buying club is expected to continue, but serves a small niche in the community, those who demand organic foods. Door-to-door delivery of meat and frozen goods is available through Meatland and Schwans. The Farmers Market on Saturday mornings will continue and is expected to expand it’s offerings to include more food items as well as other crafters and vendors. The Lake Store should also be on everyone’s radar for access to food and it could expand offerings if demand warranted.

A great deal of discussion concerned the concept of a Food Co-op. Jim Kries is willing to do the leg work of procuring the stock, but is unwilling to organize it. There are many challenges to overcome  to establish a Co-op including, renting/buying a site, recruiting members, establishing financing, furnishing the facility, staffing, and creating a functional method of oversight. The discussion continued and it was felt that the rehabilitation of the downtown, perhaps using the Hamlets Three plans, could act as a catalyst to draw such a concern to ‘downtown’.

As it stands now, we believe that additional effort in regard to Access to Fresh Food is an issue that has been fully explored and should be dropped from further efforts by this committee. We believe that economic development and main street revitalization will likely do more for this issue than the efforts that have been expended so far.

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